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Our main products are RF switches, adapter, power divider, couplers and attenuators, coaxial cable assembly, microwave assembly and its subsystem, with working frequency designed up to 300 GHz. Our products are widely used in automatic test, radar, satellite communication, mobile communication, radio and television and other fields. The product technology and performance indicators are at the same level as the similar products of international famous brands. We offer standard products as well as thousands of customized products, and we are happy to match customers’ existing products.

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How to select RF Coaxial switch?

How to select RF Coaxial switch?

A coaxial switch is a passive electromechanical relay used to switch RF signals from one channel to another. This type of switch is widely used in signal routing situations that require high frequency, high power, and high RF performance. It is also frequently used in RF testing systems, such as ...

What is RF test

1、 What is RF testing Radio Frequency, commonly abbreviated as RF. Radio frequency testing is radio frequency current, which is an abbreviation for high-frequency alternating current electromagnetic waves. It represents the electromagnetic frequency that can radiate into space, with a frequency ...

  • Our products are widely used